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We are an online CD shop for mind exercises and spiritual development. The e-shop offers online selling of relaxation music and meditation CDs, particularly special recordings of relaxation and meditation music, and topical exercises for spiritual growth of personality with audio technology Hemi-Sync®.

Mind exercises, Altered state of consciousness, Spiritual growth

If you are looking for music CDs or exercises for the development of the spirit and mind and you are interested in:

  • unusual relaxation music or special meditation music,
  • alternative methods of stress management, sleep improvement, health promotion,
  • exercises for personal growth, self esteem improvement, music for learning and concentration,
  • if you are interested in altered state of consciousness and out-of-body experience,
  • if you would like to know a mind exercise method to achieve out of body states,

then this online shop with meditation music and relaxation music is intended for you.

Online CD shop Hemi-Sync® for spiritual growth

Please, proceed to the page where you can find more information about music CD recordings with Hemi-Sync® for relaxation and meditation in your language.

Relaxation music CDs, meditation music and Mind exercises for altered state of consciousness

Meditation music
Meditation CDs
Meditation music - Deep Journeys
Meditation CD - The Journey Home
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Meditation music
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